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IntelliDrink PRO - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 7504 ratings )
Health & Fitness Medical Food & Drink
Developer: Raphael Wichmann
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 25 Aug 2011
App size: 32.61 Mb

IntelliDrink is a sophisticated blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator. It has a simple user interface and uses a complex algorithm for precise calculations.

Watch your BAC rise and fall on the graph and analyze your consumption. Set a limit and get notified when you exceed or fall below your limit.

Dr. Gary Rosen, Professor of Mathematics, University of Southern California (USC):
"We used IntelliDrink to obtain estimated BAC in a research project aiming to calibrate sophisticated data analysis software for autonomous transdermal alcohol sensors. It has been ideal for our purposes, and we are planning on using it in a number of future studies."

User comments:

"As an expert in the field of BAC absorption and elimination, I am impressed by this app."

"Incredible. Absolutely wonderful and fascinating algorithm that takes into account absorption time."

"By far the best drink tracking app Ive found... Cheers!"

"Way better (and easier to use) than expected. I can really, truly see this being a life-saver (or DUI)."

"Great app. I have been using it for a few weeks and tonight used it side by side with an Alco-sensor device that was just calibrated. It was within .001! I was surprised. This thing is accurate. Good job."

"This app is simply amazing. None of the other bac/drink tracking apps out there even come close!"

"A great deal. Seems very accurate. It really helps you get an idea of how long after a drink it affects you. The app looks great. The multi users is easy to switch between, letting you easily track friends. They seem to have the formula that is most accurate. Takes into account the time it takes you to have a drink. Real time graph is informative. 10 star A+++ app"

Here are some features of IntelliDrink:

- It uses a sophisticated algorithm for precise calculations based on scientific knowledge.

- It calculates the absorption and metabolism of alcohol over time.

- You can analyze your alcohol consumption using the statistics it provides.

- Apple HealthKit integration. Can read age, weight, height, sex and write BAC and calories.

- You own your data! IntelliDrink does not send any private data to the cloud.

- It features a BAC alarm that notifies you when you exceed or fall below your limit.

- It considers your age, weight, height, gender, drinking frequency and stomach content.

- You can create new drinks or modify existing ones.

- It’s battery friendly, with no background calculations.

A lot of effort was put into IntelliDrink’s algorithm for calculating the values. Most BAC calculators assume that you quickly downed your drink, and, even worse, they assume that you’ve already completely digested the drink. This is not how it works in real life.

The core concept of IntelliDrink is based on the scientifically accepted Widmark formula, which is used by the German justice system. This formula allows you to your BAC based on how many grams of alcohol you ingested.
But this formula does not consider the amount of time it takes you to ingest a drink, the content level of your stomach, or the speed of your metabolism.

IntelliDrink takes all of these factors into consideration because it uses a much more precise algorithm. When you use IntelliDrink, you can access data supported by solid scientific research in a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

Please note that the values should be used only as a guide and should never be used to determine if you are able to drive.
IntelliDrink accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

Pros and cons of IntelliDrink PRO - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

IntelliDrink PRO - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator app good for

Great app, works well, nice UI, easy to operate. Got the full version and dont regret having paid less than a small beer for it
Good app for an approximate judging. Would be nice to add good and timing of drinks
This is maybe the most well thought out app Ive downloaded. Including angry birds
Its very purple. Its up to the user to keep track of drinks, which becomes a drag after 6 or so drinks. Has a fancy graph and stuff.
Fantastic App. Handy to use as a guide when at dinner parties, and sure makes you think about what your drinking.
Its cool, my only suggestion is that instead of having to estimate how long its going to take to finish a drink, there should be "start drink"/"finish drink" buttons.

Some bad moments

Im sure how factual it is, but it does take food intake into consideration. I like it as a reference
This has happened a few times now: app works great for a few weeks. Then, when I start deleting drinks that I dont plan on having in the future, the app crashes any time i scroll down. Forced to delete then reinstall
Havent verified how accurate it is but the detail is amazing. Being able to add specific beers, liquids, or wines is amazing. Clean OS making it clear when youll be at 0.000 or below the limit you set is awesome. Two critiques that makes it not 5 stars is 1) the ability to track more then one person wont be available till the next update and 2) you dont have an account with the app (as far as I know) so the beers/liquor/drinks you save with specific ounces and alcohol contents dont seem to transfer over to new devices. Other than that, if you dont want a DUI then use this app religiously, set it at 0.05 to be safe, set the notifications to warn you, and this will save you time, money, and possibly jail time. And when they bring back the friend tracker it could save them as well
This app is absolutely amazing. It gives me an extremely accurate picture of where by BAC is, and it does a great job doing it. The user interface is absolutely stunning, and in this latest update they added back all the things I missed and also added a great new part of the app that shows you info on your drinking habits. I highly recommend this app if you’re looking for something cheap and easy to help track your BAC.
Extremely useful for determining a BAC. Definitely dont rely on it for legal reasons but honestly the app is pretty accurate. Very well done and I like the interface.
Ive been using another app for BAC calculation, and it annoyed me that it didnt take into account WHEN I drank that wine and how long it took... I can enter the time I started the glass of wine and how long I took to enjoy it. Then no drink for a time while I had water, then next glass. The graph is awesome- it shows me where I will be even after I finish this glass! Nice update with multiuser. Amazing the difference in BAC for my much smaller wife... I would like to see a variable for stat of "time above this BAC" rather than just time intoxicated.