IntelliDrink PRO - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator App Reviews

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A good app, but...

... it fails on the statistics, not properly displaying the numbers or contents of drinks


Great app, works well, nice UI, easy to operate. Got the full version and dont regret having paid less than a small beer for it


Good app for an approximate judging. Would be nice to add good and timing of drinks

Nice app

Simple to use and a very nice interface.


...awesome app, helps estimate times.

Nailed it

This is maybe the most well thought out app Ive downloaded. Including angry birds


Thank you so much !!

Its ok.

Its very purple. Its up to the user to keep track of drinks, which becomes a drag after 6 or so drinks. Has a fancy graph and stuff.


Fantastic App. Handy to use as a guide when at dinner parties, and sure makes you think about what your drinking.


Its cool, my only suggestion is that instead of having to estimate how long its going to take to finish a drink, there should be "start drink"/"finish drink" buttons.


Couldnt get it to work.

Drinking Fun

Looking for a way to make drinking even more fun? Youve found it.


Crashes a lot on the 5s. Good when it works, though.

Well designed!

I just wish I could verify that its accurate. :)

Almost Perfect

This app is easy to use. Easy to customize and accurate. My only complaint is that the BAC alarm can only be set if you go under a set BAC level. i.e. If you get too sober, the alarm goes off. This is ludicrous. The alarm should be set up so it will go off if you exceed some level of BAC. Unbelievable misguided design flaw. The point of the app is to know when you have drunk too much, not to know when you have drunk too little.


Im a big fan of this app. Been using it for several months now! One thing I would like to see in any future versions though is the ability to sync my blood alcohol data with HealthKit! Id much rather keep using this app as opposed to switching over to some actual breathalyzer product!

Great app

Good as a guide only. Dont drink and drive!!!

Super easy

I use it more out of curiosity than anything else but its super easy to use and read.

This one works

This is the best BAC Ive seen so far. Works great, and theyre improving it.

Still the best. Better and better.

Nice update. New useful features. Realistic results. All informations on one screen (results and history). Profile and drinks can easily be created and modified as needed. Drinks history is easy to understand and adjust. Well done.

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