IntelliDrink PRO - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator App Reviews

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Works Great Easy to Use

Looks good, is simple to use. And was a good measurement for how I felt, versus what the app was telling me my BAC was at. I liked seeing all the drinks I drank at the bottom definitely a great visual aid for controlling your drinking and knowing when to call it quits. See the graphs of your growing BAC after you drink is a great reminder of how your going to feel in the future.

Very Good Alcohol Tracker

Only minus is slightly goofy way to enter drinks. Otherwise, I like this app a lot.

So helpful

Easy to set up & use, also pretty discrete if youre trying to use it in a social situation. Great visuals

Love it, needs a watch app

Only thing missing is watch companion app

Very useful!

The best feature is the edit drink feature, which allows you to adjust the size and alcohol content of your drink. As a wine drinker, I find it essential to be able to adjust alcohol percentage and drink size to reflect different situations.

Not bad.

As an actual doctor, this seems to be the best that Ive done across. Itd be better if they somehow worked in the metabolism when it goes first order, but still better than the loads of crap that assume that its totally linear.

Must have app

Great app. If you drink alcohol at all, you should use this.

Waste of 2.99

No substantial difference between the free version.

Stop looking, this is the app you want

If youre looking for this kind of app, this is the one you want. Seriously look at all the star ratings, this app rocks. And it keeps getting better with more features. Enough said. (Pours another)

Great for tracking alcohol consumption

This is a really nice app for tracking alcohol consumption. It allows you to create your own drinks and then track them. I would suggest trying the app before heading out for a night of partying. It was easier to set up my own drinks while I had access to the internet on another computer. Learning to add each drink was also a learning curve. I may just be slow!

Very cool!

Just excellent. This is the only app Ive ever paid for! When Im out with friends trying new beers its especially helpful because I can keep track of what Ive had and have a better idea of when its time to go home! Get it. Its worth it! The only thing I would change is to have the drink list be alphabetized or in numerical order when you open the app. Instead, when you add a new drink it puts it at the bottom of the list. After you drink that drink, its at the top of the list, which is great. But all the drinks are just seemingly in no kind of order otherwise.

Great App

Id give it 5⭐️ if the app implemented Force Touch Quick Actions to finish a drink or redrink the last drink.

A MUST have!

I have sampled similar apps that pale in comparison. Precise, functional, and easy to use. The accuracy is unparalleled. The only app you will ever need for its kind!

Works Great!

Been using this for a while now it it really works well. I highly recommend this for responsible beveraging. One bit of feedback is I would like to be able to change the accent color of the app and graph to something other than the purple.

Solid App - Next Steps

Good app w nice interface. Some great additions would be: 1) Apple Watch compatible 2) easier to say how long you took to drink, like a start and finish button rather than having to toggle in a sub menu 3) option to add drinking water as that also affects levels. Thank you for a nice app.

Awesome App

Pretty accurate and easy to use

Pretty tight

Its not easy to make an interface simple and also effective. They seem to have done so. Very interesting to see what is going on in my liver...


This app is a great help to manage my drinking. It is convenient, easy to use, flexible and best of all informative. It lets you adjust drinks being entered to get accurate information. Then it shows a chart of your projected blood alcohol level so that you know how high it will go and when. I enter drinks before I drink to see what will happen and sometimes reduce the actual portion size of the drink to avoid going too far. Then I modify my entry to record what I actually had. Having the history is also extremely helpful. This app has changed my life. Bravo to the app developer. Buy this app.

Very Useful

This app is worth the cost. Free apps do not come close. This app provides incredibly useful information about current state, time to sober and drinking patterns. It accomplished what I was looking for in an app.

I like the stats

Now I wont have to use an excel file of BAC every time I want to moderate with more scientific accuracy. Best on the App Store from what Ive seen thats related to this sort of thing

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